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Window joy– a talisman for the house.

Traditionally guardian contacted the feast of the Nativity. The whole year is a window guarded the house and its inhabitants, and on Christmas Eve he was burned and made a new ward.
Some articles said that this home amulet made in the autumn, after the grain harvest. But in Russia before the New Year was celebrated in the autumn, so that somehow the joy associated with window novogodem, some abroad.
It was believed that through this is in your home include light, joy, happiness. And leave strife, misery and sorrow, and evil will not be able to enter the house – get caught in one of the corners.
In 2015, there were a lot of good, but overall the year was quite heavy, so I decided to make myself this window of joy.
Did window of different materials: straw, bark, branches and trees – necessarily – a red thread is oberegovy color. I suggest that our window of twine. In the Internet found joy window made of wood shpazhek, in my opinion, they are too thin and do not look like a bundle of straw and twine – like. Window joy – a talisman for the house.

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