Sarimanok is the legendary bird that has become a symbol of Maranaw art. It is depicted as a bird with wings and feathered tail, holding a fish on its beak or talons. The head is decorated with scrolls, leaves and spirals.


Main supplies:

 Lick N’ Stick art tape, yellow, grape, emerald

81/2” x 11” Super Bright tagboard, bright orange

edger scissors – assorted

nylon filament, 4” length and 18” length


Black Marker


Graphite paper



1. Copy pattern on tagboard. Using graphite paper, trace pattern markings on to tagboard. Cut out bird and small fish. Cut out feather shapes using a different decorative edge scissor for each color. The feather shape is cut the width of the Lick N Stick tape. You’ll need about 40 per color. Using an old pen or a scoring tool, go over the dotted lines and crease lightly.

2. Apply the feathers by wetting one end and sticking to the bird shape. Since the feathers overlap; on the crest start toward the beak; on the body start from the back and work to the front; on the back feathers start at the bottom and work up, and on the tail, start from the bottom, one color at a time. Cover the back of the bird with feathers too.

3. Fold center belly up, inside bird. Fold wings outward. Draw eye on each side of Sarimanok face. Cut a 2” piece of yellow Lick N Stick, round short edges. Wet and apply to beak area. trim to fit. Add a piece of yellow Lick N Stick to fish.

4. Cut a 4” length nylon filament. Slide in beak. Slide other side in fish and secure with Lick N stick. Slip the longer nylon filament into the center top of the body and secure with Lick N Stick. Moisten the dry end of some of the feathers on the crest and wings of the bird so that the front will stick to the back.

Salamat sa pagbabasa

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